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Management and marketization: two new papers

Two new articles have been published by members of the marketization in Europe team, both looking at private-sector management and market change.

The first is by Nick Krachler and Ian Greer and examines the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, which sought to privatize health services in England through increased marketization built into commissioning. Drawing on 32 qualitative interviews carried out shortly after the Act, the authors ask when does marketization lead to privatization? They find that the new market structure continues to restrict private sector involvement by, in various ways, frustrating private providers’ attempts to make profits. It has been accepted at Social Science and Medicine.

The second is by Ian Greer and Marco Hauptmeier and examines the ways in which managers in the European auto industry stage competition between plants in order to extract labor concessions. Drawing on interviews and documents covering a 25-year period at three multinationals, the authors identify four different kinds of management whipsawing. They explain variation and change through differing whipsawing capacity built into production systems and overall corporate labor relations strategies. It has been accepted at Industrial and Labor Relations Review.